Hi all,

these are the mid-term TODOs from my list in case anybody is looking
for a way to work on Gump ;-)

* support for Mercurial, Bazaar and darcs

  Since Sourceforge supports hg and bzr now, we may need them sooner
  or later - OpenJDK uses hg as well.  Nobody uses darcs except for
  myself, I guess.

* a RAT builder which runs RAT on the codebase and provides the report

* try to figure out the castor-xml failure.  The castor-core artifact
  is supposed to be there, probably only a name mismatch somewhere.

* try to figure out the slf4j failure

  I'm afraid this points at a deeper issue with mvn reactor builds
  since the missing artifact is one just built - and the mvn proxy
  won't know about the jat before the full reactor build is through.

  It may work if we split up the multi-project build.

* try to figure out why commons-configuration's tests fail once we add
  a dependency on Xalan.

  I really don't intend to do more than provide a recipe for
  reproducing the problem outside of Gump - which involves fiddling
  with local repositories, I guess.


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