On 2009-04-28, <jan.mate...@rzf.fin-nrw.de> wrote:

>>> There are "just" problems while testing due lack of JSP support

>> Depending on what you want to do with the Hudson build, you can
>> disable tests or try to fix them 8-)

> I want to fix them ;)

Good luck.   I don't expect I'd be able to help you.

> Maybe this is resolved by adding "real" dependencies ...

Unlikely since mvn will download what it needs anyway.

> The tests rely on a "working" JPS-engine. Gump could start a webserver?

If the build process does, sure.  Cactus does so for example.  It is
also known to be a problem for the Cactus builds from time to time
since sometimes the port doesn't seem to become available after the
Cactus build and subsequent builds fail to start a new server.


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