It looks like most of the problems related to castor-xml wanting to download an older version of itself are related to portals-pluto's dependency on it. The current Gump portals-pluto is the 1.0 version (which has been dead for years). So one option is to switch it to be a packaged project. The other is to change portals-pluto to be the current version (which is the "Gump way"). But that project is huge, and so would take considerable time to set up by anyone (such as myself) that isn't familiar with it.

The castor-reactor build wants Maven 2.1, which is probably a good idea to be running on Gump. I'm happy to do the upgrade for vmgump (and others, if granted access to them), but don't know how Maven 2 was installed in the first place. I'm guessing it was just downloaded and installed, but if it was installed by apt then it should be updated the same way. However, I'm not holding out hope that this will fix castor.

The lucene-java build is complaining that we have an ancient version of svn installed. I'm guessing that this was installed by apt, but it would be nice to confirm before I try and update it.

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