On 2010-03-11, Bill Barker <billwbar...@verizon.net> wrote:

> If you have any ideas why portals-pluto-trunk can't find it's parent,

It isn't even trying to download it.  Since I don't know enough about
Maven I can't say why a repository may get disabled, but

[DEBUG] Skipping disabled repository central
[DEBUG] portals-pom: using locally installed snapshot
[DEBUG] Skipping disabled repository central
[DEBUG] Using mirror: http://localhost:8192/maven2 (id: gump-central)

sounds suspicios.

> In particular, if there was an access-log (that I haven't found), this
> would be great.  The mvnrepo log doesn't show it at all, but looks
> like it only logs "200 OK" requests.

The proxy uses ju.logging and I think it should be logging to stdout by
default which should make it end up in Gump's own log file (since this
is the parent process).  I can't promise it would log failed requests,


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