Hi all,

so far we are getting away with a much thinner kind of board reports
than is required by many other projects - this is probably due in part
to the fact that Gump is an old TLP and in part that its PMC is composed
of ASF members almost exclusively, so we get some trust.

One thing the board usually asks each reporting project to provide is a
one paragraph description of the project and I'd like to provide that
starting with the next report due in about three weeks.  The same
paragraph could be used to describe Gump at ci.apache.org.

I've drafted something in the wiki page for the next board report[1],
please review it and modify as you see fit.  Yes, I know I've written
two paragraphs ;-)


[1] http://wiki.apache.org/gump/Drafts/BoardReports/20100616

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