Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> > Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> >>
> >>  - ask the Forrest and Lenya communities which parts of Cocoon 2.x they
> >>    need, remove the Cocoon reactor and only build the parts needed,
> >>    finally start building Forrest and Lenya again.
> >
> > For Forrest, we use Cocoon-2.1 branch (i.e. the Ant-based build)
> > and various blocks.
> Is there still any development on the 2.1 branch at all (bug fixes,
> whatever)

It is sporadic. There has been some desire expressed on the Cocoon dev
list to keep maintaining it. However only some commit activity has followed.

> or would it make sense to consider it stale and just package
> up the jars Forrest needs?

Perhaps we could do that until there is further activity
at Cocoon.

Would someone please refer me to a useful example of a
"packaged" gump project.

Where would the packaged jars be stored?

> If we want to keep building Cocoon, can we identify the blocks that are
> needed and restrict the build to those?

Yes. We would need the "core", and then Forrest has the "blocks"
listed in our existing gump descriptor (but commented out).

By the way, so that people are clear. The current Gump run
happening for "cocoon" is the Maven-based build of Cocoon trunk
(i.e. Cocoon-2.2) and there is not yet any Gump run for
the "cocoon3".


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