On 9/20/10 12:13 PM, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
On 2010-09-20, Leo Simons wrote:
For example did you figure out the wonders of mysql to the degree you
wanted to?

More than I wanted to, I'd say.


If you happen to recall the specifics
around the "historical databaser"

IIRC the code to make use of the historical database was to go into dynagump but was never actually written, so I don't see any reason to run that actor.

or the dynagump actors

IIRC we disabled dynagump (the java webapp part of it) the previous time we rebuilt vmgump from scratch -- we weren't actually using it for anything and no-one was developing on it, and so turning it off made things (a) just slightly easier, (b) slightly easier to not mess up security-wise.

it would be nice if you could referesh
> my memory - but both work as well as they did
before (i.e. not at all).

Yeah so I think that's "correct" behavior!

I had some fun trying to dig through the codebase to try and remember what's what...hoo boy, this certainly isn't how I'd write python code today :)

Nevertheless I think it may be safe to disable

        # Add Historical Database storer -- ??? no such thing...
        if self.run.getOptions().isOfficial() and \
            self.run.getWorkspace().hasDatabaseInformation() and \
                import gump.actor.history.historical
            except Exception, details:
                  'Unable to register Historical Database Actor :  %s '
                            % details,

        # Add Dynagump database populator
        if self.run.getWorkspace().hasDatabaseInformation():
            # create the database helper
            dbInfo = self.run.getWorkspace().getDatabaseInformation()
            from gump.util.mysql import Database
            database = Database(dbInfo)

            # now create the Dynagumper using that database
            import gump.actor.mysql.dynagumper



that may help get rid of some confusing warnings?



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