Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> On 2010-10-27, Jörg Schaible wrote:
>> Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>>> Does anybody know of a small project that could be a good candidate to
>>> put into a testbed in order to test/improve the mvn builder so it works
>>> with either version?
>> commons-lang3 ?
> Builds fine using Maven 2.2.1 in Gump.
> Do you mean it should also work with Maven 3.x (is that mvn3?) or that
> Maven 3.x is in fact the preferred build tool?

It works also with M3, but M3 is not required. Actually I've built all 
released commons artifacts for the vote with M3 (starting with M3 betas) and 
had never problems because of M3 (apart from site generation which is 
normally not generated with Gump).

- Jörg

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