as expected we can use the existing Maven 2.x builder for Maven 3.x as
well, I only needed to ensure the environment variable M2_HOME is
overridden when invoking Maven 3.x since the mvn wrapper script uses
this to locate Maven's jars for 3.x as well.

I've merged the code and have installed Maven 3.0 on both machines, so
we can now use Maven 3.x as well.

Inside the code I've renamed a few classes - we used to have "Maven" and
"Maven2" classes, they now are "Maven1" and "Maven".

I've introduced <mvn1> as an alias for the old <maven> and <mvn2> as an
alias for the old <mvn> and added <mvn3> for Maven 3.x builds - at one
point we should probably replace all usage of "mvn" with "mvn2" to make
things clearer.

Documenation needs to be adapted, I intend to do that tomorrow morning.


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