>> The midnight run will tell.
> Looks fine from here.  You'll need git in order to get far with Ant
> based builds since you really want JUnit to be there.
> If you ever get the whole of testbase working, you'll likely see build
> module update errors with NUnit.  So far I haven't invested time into
> figuring out the problem - bazaar merge talks about uncommitted changes
> which I don't understand since Gump doesn't touch the checked out trees.

I have updated http://wiki.apache.org/gump/OsxGumpConfig to document the 
installation on Adam.  Let me know if I missed something obvious.  

We're now running with all environment checks green due to a symlink:

lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  19 Nov  7 14:04 /usr/local/bin/NAnt.exe -> 

and this patch: 

Index: python/gump/core/run/gumpenv.py
--- python/gump/core/run/gumpenv.py     (revision 1032853)
+++ python/gump/core/run/gumpenv.py     (working copy)
@@ -414,8 +414,8 @@
     def _check_nant(self):
         if not self.checked:
-            if not self._checkWithDashVersion('NAnt', "no NAnt builds"):
-                if not self._checkWithDashVersion('NAnt.exe', "no NAnt 
+            if not self._checkWithDashVersion('NAnt', "no NAnt builds", 
+                if not self._checkWithDashVersion('NAnt.exe', "no NAnt 
builds", '-help'):
                     self.noNAnt = self._checkWithDashVersion('nant',
                                                              "no NAnt builds",

NAnt is found as nant since the file system is case insensitive.  

What we're running is the live branch: what is our backport/merge policy?  Can 
I commit to this, or should I commit to trunk first and then bring it across? 

I also found this necessary to run: 

Index: python/gump/actor/rdf/describer.py
--- python/gump/actor/rdf/describer.py  (revision 1032869)
+++ python/gump/actor/rdf/describer.py  (working copy)
@@ -36,14 +36,14 @@
 from gump.core.model.state import *
 from gump.util import *
-from rdflib.URIRef import URIRef
-from rdflib.Literal import Literal
-from rdflib.BNode import BNode
-from rdflib.Namespace import Namespace
-from rdflib.constants import TYPE
+from rdflib import URIRef
+from rdflib import Literal
+from rdflib import BNode
+from rdflib import Namespace
+from rdflib import TYPE
 # Import RDFLib's default TripleStore implementation.
-from rdflib.TripleStore import TripleStore
+from rdflib import TripleStore
 class RDFDescriber(AbstractRunActor):
I don't know enough Python to know (and don't have the cycles to find out) 
what's going on here.  Without this, Gump won't run.  With this, it merely 

Any thoughts on the projects that are currently failing? 


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