Hi Ludmila,

Ludmila Shikhvarg wrote:

>       Parameters
> Prefix        Name    Value
> -X    bootclasspath/p         
> /home/dtftest/gump/packages/jaxp-1_3/dom.jar
> /home/dtftest/gump/packages/jaxp-1_3/sax.jar
> /home/dtftest/gump/packages/jaxp-1_3/xercesImpl.jar
> /home/dtftest/gump/packages/jaxp-1_3/xalan.jar
> org.apache.tools.ant.Main
> -D    gump.merge      /home/dtftest/gump/work/merge.xml
> -D    build.sysclasspath      only
>       Environment Overrides
> Name  Value
> CLASSPATH     :c:/jdk1.6.0_21/lib/tools.jar
> /home/dtftest/gump/results/ant/bootstrap/lib/ant.jar
> /home/dtftest/gump/results/ant/bootstrap/lib/ant-launcher.jar
> The immediate issue still seems to be the basic "java
> org.apache.tools.ant.Main"  call is not picking up the ant jar files
> from the CLASSPATH environment variable above. Please help.

Sorry to say, but I am quite sure that nobody will investigate. Either you 
can fix this problems based on our comments or you might try Gump without 
Cygwin. As Bill stated, he had it running on plain Windows.

- Jörg

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