On 2011-01-19, sebb wrote:

> I'm beginning to think this may be a Gump bug: although Xalan is
> listed as a normal dependency, it is not added to the classpath, only
> to the bootclasspath.

This is by design.

The type="boot" on the <jar> for Xalan makes the Ant builder do just
that - add Xalan to -Xbootclasspath but not CLASSPATH since it would be
redundant there.  It has to be on the bootclasspath alongside xml-apis
and Xerces so that Ant uses the trunk versions during the build (in
<xslt> tasks for example).

Gump's Ant builder relies on Ant to do the right thing for forked VMs
via the build.sysclasspath magic property but that doesn't (didn't ?)
work as it is supposed to.

If you really wanted a non-bootclasspath version of Xalan you'd have to
define a new project decriptor or add a different <jar> entry without
the type="boot" and a different id.  But I think this is unneeded by

For the Maven builders type="boot" doesn't have any effect, all <jar>s
are treated the same.


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