On 2011-01-27, Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> When Ant forks a new VM like it does for forked JUnit tests it will now
> honor build.sysclasspath for the bootclasspath as well.  This means that
> some jars - in particular xml-apis, xalan and xerces - that used to be
> on Ant's bootclasspath but not the one of the forked VM will now be on
> the forked VM's bootclasspath as well.

OK, you used to get the XML parser that is part of the JDK in your tests
but now have the trunk version of Xerces.


Either Xerces trunk has become more strict than the JDK parser or we
need to help the forked VM find the DTD or something like this.  Without
diving into the test I can't say for sure what is needed here.


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