On 2/23/2011 12:33 AM, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
On 2011-02-23, Antoine Levy-Lambert wrote:

I have noticed that test-ant and test-ant-no-xerces are both failing
since a while on gump. The reason is unclear for me.
It started when I changed Ant to pass the bootclasspath to cloned VMs as
well.  I must admit I've been surprised by this myself since I didn't
expect AntUnit tests to be affected by this at all.
Thanks I will look at this code change.
Unfortunately it hasn't managed to buble to the top of my TODO list so
No worries.
The error message is
Cannot find
override.xml imported from 

Probably the import is using a classloader to load it and not the file
system.  It may be a simple issue of adding the correct directory as
<work>  entry to the test-ant descriptor.

Yes, it is using a classloader.
<javaresource name="override.xml">
<classpath location="importtests"/>
Let me add the work entry. Just to get the nagging away and see whether we get into other problems.
I just ran the tests of ant on my PC at work and found no issues with
this particular test.
You didn't use build.sysclasspath=only, did you?
I did not.


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