Stefan Bodewig wrote:
We've been unable to build either on the ASF installations for month now
(since expat-configure fails), it could very well be true that the
descriptors are outdated.

expat-configure is passed on my side.

It seems to have trouble with the autoconf versions of more recent Linux
and FreeBSD versions as well as MacOS X.  At least that is my

Both, logging-log4cxx-configure & apr-iconv-configure are successful.

Does either of them create a makefile?  What's its name and where is it
located relative to the project's directories?

It says: This project is not built by Gump *(for both of them)
Current State: *Success


  <project name="apr-iconv-configure">
      <arg name="--prefix" path="dest-@@DATE@@"/>
      <arg name="--with-apr" project="apr-configure"
    <depend project="apr-iconv-buildconf"/>
    <home nested="dest-@@DATE@@"/>

This is supposed to run the configure script.  Can you post the output
it creates inside Gump's logfile?
Sorry for a misleading.
Initially logging-log4cxx-configure & apr-iconv-configure are failed with:
"for APR... configure: error: the --with-apr parameter is incorrect. It must specify an install prefix, a build directory, or an apr-config file"
And then pass if "--with-apr" is removed.


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