On 2011-03-31, Thomas Vandahl wrote:

> This problem started all of a sudden. I hoped it would vanish the same
> way. Unfortunately it doesn't.

vmgump says it has been that way for the last 66 runs.  Probably longer
since the counter gets reset if Gump doesn't even try to build Turbine
because a required dependency failed to build.

> I have no idea what is going on here. The plugin used to work just
> fine. Any ideas?

Gump will hand out the latest Torque jars, i.e.
torque-generator-4.0-alpha1-SNAPSHOT.jar and
torque-templates-4.0-alpha1-SNAPSHOT.jar when asked for Torque.  Does
the plugin work with these versions?  Which of the jars contains

> org.apache.torque.task.TorqueDataModelTask



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