CCed to torque-dev for Thomas Fox to know.

On 31.03.11 16:32, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> Gump will hand out the latest Torque jars, i.e.
> torque-runtime-4.0-alpha1-SNAPSHOT.jar,
> torque-generator-4.0-alpha1-SNAPSHOT.jar and
> torque-templates-4.0-alpha1-SNAPSHOT.jar when asked for Torque.  Does
> the plugin work with these versions?  Which of the jars contains
>> org.apache.torque.task.TorqueDataModelTask
It used to be in the Torque generator jar but the Torque generator has
been rewritten from the ground up by Thomas Fox and probably the plugin
doesn't know about that.

Anyhow, Turbine needs the Torque plugin/generator/templates/runtime
Version 3.3. The current version is not backwards compatible. What do I
have to do to achieve this?

Bye, Thomas.

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