I am trying to troubleshoot the build of tomcat-trunk-validate
project, which currently fails.

Project metadata:
[1] http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/gump/metadata/project/tomcat-trunk.xml

To successfully run the build, the full path to checkstyle.jar is needed.

The problem is that instead of the actual path to the jar file, the
build script gets what is
written in checkstyle project metadata: a glob pattern of the name.

The build fails: Build output, from [2]:
     [echo] Testing  for

      [get] Getting:
      [get] To: /usr/share/java/file.zip


The testexists target of the build file fails and the build goes on
trying to download the file (which it should not do).

  <target name="testexist">
    <echo message="Testing  for ${destfile}"/>
    <available file="${destfile}" property="exist"/>

The dependency is specified as follows [1]:
 <project name="tomcat-trunk-validate">
   <ant target="validate">
      <depend property="checkstyle.jar" project="checkstyle"/>

Another project, tomcat-trunk-test in [1] uses
      <property name="checkstyle.jar" project="checkstyle"
         reference="jarpath" />
but it does not make any difference it resolves to the same
(...)/checkstyle-*[0-9T].jar pattern, as can be seen in [3].


According to the build output of checkstyle project [4], the actual
name should be:


Why <depend property="checkstyle.jar" project="checkstyle"/> in an
<ant> builder does
not resolve to the full path to the actual jar file, but glob pattern
is returned instead?

Is there a way to get the actual name of the jar file?

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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