Sorry for the trouble.  This was a mistake that we have a fix for
internally, and I suspect that it's just a matter of pulling that
change into our public repository.  It would guess that it will be
Monday before that happens, but maybe someone will jump in to take
care of it earlier.

On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 11:15 PM, william barker <> wrote:
> I'm involved with the Gump project in Apache (  We
> have recently added Guava to the projects that we build to resolve
> dependencies on other projects.  At the moment, we are using the Ant build
> since that was the one that worked.  However with the recent directory
> restructure, that no longer works since the build.xml file looks for a "src"
> subdirectory and it is currently in "guava/src".  Is there a plan to fix the
> build.xml file to work from the top level directory, or should I change Gump
> to work from the guava subdirectory?
> I have no interest in using the released version of Guava, so if that is
> your answer, please save bandwidth by not replying.  That is not what Gump
> is about.  But if you have a road map page, a link to that would be very
> helpful.
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