We had that fixed internally on Friday, but had some problems syncing the
codebases. Those were fixed over the weekend, and I just pushed them to

Note that as we transition more fully to Maven, the build process will be


On Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 23:15, william barker <williamb...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm involved with the Gump project in Apache (http://gump.apache.org).  We
> have recently added Guava to the projects that we build to resolve
> dependencies on other projects.  At the moment, we are using the Ant build
> since that was the one that worked.  However with the recent directory
> restructure, that no longer works since the build.xml file looks for a "src"
> subdirectory and it is currently in "guava/src".  Is there a plan to fix the
> build.xml file to work from the top level directory, or should I change Gump
> to work from the guava subdirectory?
> I have no interest in using the released version of Guava, so if that is
> your answer, please save bandwidth by not replying.  That is not what Gump
> is about.  But if you have a road map page, a link to that would be very
> helpful.
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