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> Attempt to move JCS build to Maven2. Tests will be skipped for now as
> some of them still fail - already under investigation. Please verify
> my changes.

Looks OK except for some smaller nits I've already changed, see below.

You should be able to turn all <depend> into <option> elements when
using mvn.  I'll keep an eye on the next builds to ensure mvn doesn't
start to download any other dependencies currently not listed and add
<option>s for those as well so we get the build order right.

>>    <mvn2 basedir="exec" goal="package">

You meant basedir="jcs", right?

> -  <project name="jcs" groupId="jcs">
> -    <depend project="jakarta-turbine-jcs"/>
> -    <jar name="jcs/target/jcs-@@DATE@@.jar" id="jcs"/>
> -    <license name="LICENSE.txt"/>
> -  </project>

This is an alias currently used by James.  I'm not really sure it is
still needed, but if you remove it Gump's project graph has a hole.
For now I've added it back.


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