On 2012-02-20, Konstantin Kolinko wrote:

> There are totally 8 modules that use Git as their repository type.

> As of now on vmgump all of them fail to update their sources and thus
> are building from stale content. The error
> in all cases is the following:
> [[[
> Command Line

> git pull --quiet git://github.com/KentBeck/junit

> Output

> You asked to pull from the remote 'git://github.com/KentBeck/junit',
> but did not specify
> a branch. Because this is not the default configured remote
> for your current branch, you must specify a branch on the command line.
> ]]]

I've been fighting this from time to time with little success (the URL
speficied *is* the default configured remote).  It might be a good idea
to allow users to configure a branch other than "master", so I'm going
to add a "branch" attribute which defaults to "master" and add this to
the command line.  This seems to work on vmgump as well as the FreeBSD
jail.  This may take a few days.


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