It is essentially the same issue that I wrote about a year ago, [1]

Now it is occurring in "jakarta-tomcat-catalina" project [2]. It
started to nagging dev@tomcat on April 12th, but I do not see what
could cause it. I guess that earlier it did not run due to some
dependency. Another change is that commons-io 2.3 was released about
that time.

The problem: When Tomcat 5.5 builds it needs to copy commons-io.jar
into its "Manager" webapp. There is the following code in its Ant

          <target name="copy-io.jar">
            <copy todir="${webapps.build}/${webapp.name}/WEB-INF/lib"

In Gump this is configured in project/jakarta-tomcat-catalina.xml as
<ant ...
      <depend property="commons-io.jar" project="commons-io" />

It results in
/srv/gump/public/workspace/jakarta-tomcat-catalina/build.xml:74: The
following error occurred while executing this line:
The following error occurred while executing this line:
Warning: Could not find file
to copy.

The actual name of the file is "commons-io-2.4-SNAPSHOT.jar" [3]

Should I change the dependency to explicitly name the file? Like this:

      <property name="commons-io.jar" project="commons-io"
            path="io/target/commons-io-2.4-SNAPSHOT.jar" />

or there is a chance to make those patterns to work?

[1] "Dependency on checkstyle.jar in tomcat-trunk-validate returns
glob instead of actual name", 2011-04

[2] jakarta-tomcat-catalina project summary

[3] apache-commons/commons-io Build output

Best regards,
Konstantin Kolinko

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