after about a month we have three projects still interested in Gump
(Tomcat, POI, XMLGraphics), two saying they don't care too much (Xerces,
Xalan), one asking to get removed (Log4NET) and no other response.

Basically this means Gump is useful for a small set of projects and they
still take something useful out of it.  At the same time at least I'd
prefer to reduce the amount of time I spend on Gump.

I've been thinking for quite some time about what to do with it.  The
best I can come up with:

* reduce the set of projects Gump builds to the three projects and the
  transitive hull of its dependencies (basically Ant, JUnit, Xerces,
  Xalan and a few Commons components) - maybe add a few project that
  depend on those three if they don't require too many other

* Turn on nagging for the three projects and nobody else - reach out to
  Davod Saff to see whether he'd like to keep receiving nags for JUnit

* encourage the three projects to take on a more active role in Gump

* tell infra to turn of our FreeBSD jail

Does this sound reasonable?


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