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On 20/12/13 01:35, David Crossley wrote:
Hi, i see that Tomcat also use Checkstyle.

If you continue to have trouble, then perhaps look
at how they do it.

cd $SVN/gump/metadata/project/
grep checkstyle *.xml

Yes, that’s actually what I did, but I guess I was trying to be too
clever. First, I thought Tomcat explicitly added the dependencies
because it needed them for itself, while I could get away with
inherit="runtime" (which doesn’t seem to do what I expected).

Then I added the dependencies listed in checkstyle.xml to xml-fop.xml,
but that was apparently still not enough. Hopefully this attempt will be
the right one.


Hope that helps.


vhenneb...@apache.org wrote:
Author: vhennebert
Date: Thu Dec 19 22:24:55 2013
New Revision: 1552445

URL: http://svn.apache.org/r1552445
Second attempt to fix Checkstyle dependencies by adding them directly to the 
FOP descriptor


Modified: gump/metadata/project/xml-fop.xml
--- gump/metadata/project/xml-fop.xml (original)
+++ gump/metadata/project/xml-fop.xml Thu Dec 19 22:24:55 2013
@@ -69,7 +69,12 @@
        <sysproperty name="ant.build.clonevm" value="true"/>
        <property name="checkstyle.location" project="checkstyle" reference="jarpath" 
-    <depend project="checkstyle" inherit="runtime"/>
+    <depend project="checkstyle"/>
+    <depend project="commons-beanutils"/>
+    <depend project="commons-cli"/>
+    <depend project="commons-exec"/>
+    <depend project="commons-validator"/>
+    <depend project="google-guava" />
      <depend project="xml-fop" inherit="all"/>
      <depend project="fop-hyph"/>
      <depend project="junit"/>

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