On 9/17/16, 8:54 AM, "Jochen Theodorou" <blackd...@gmx.org> wrote:

>On 17.09.2016 10:23, Geertjan Wielenga wrote:
>> Nightly builds is all that's needed, indeed, no one needs to announce
>> they should simply be available. Agreed it's important to distinguish
>> between nightly builds and official releases, that's exactly how
>> works currently. The #1 requirement here is that there should be nightly
>> builds and that is supported, from your response here.
>may I ask for whom and what the nightly builds are in your case? If it
>is for developers only there should be no problem.

Where "developers" is the folks contributing to the code in Apache, not
users of the code.
IIRC, there are also restrictions on how folks find out about the
"nightly" builds.  It can't be listed in the release info on the web site,
for example.


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