Le 19/09/16 à 20:50, cowwoc a écrit :
> Mark Struberg-2 wrote
>> Linux never was on hg, so the comparison doesn't fit.
>> To be more clear: I'm not concerned that GIT cannot handle the NetBeans
>> repo size. 
> I actually concerned by this. A client I work for has a large Git repo. I
> doubt its size is anywhere close to the Linux repo, but its performance is
> abysmal. Navigating the git log or invoking "git checkout" takes minutes. It
> is almost completely unusable.
> I'm sure you've read this by now, but HG seems a better fit for these larger
> projects:
> https://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/1unehr/scaling_mercurial_at_facebook/
> All this to say: I would tread carefully. Out of curiosity, is there a
> reason that Apache projects can't use Mercurial?

Can we avoid hacking this discussion ? Create a new thread on a more
suited mailing list if you want to discuss the pros and cons of using
your favorite SCM.

Thanks !

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