Hi Jaroslav,

It's great to "see" you here and hear that you're willing to support
NetBeans transition!

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 4:10 PM, Jaroslav Tulach <jtul...@netbeans.org> wrote:
> ...As far as I was told by Geertjan, the incubator review revealed way more
> issues (plugins.netbeans.org, statistics.netbeans.org, etc.) ...

The ASF infrastructure team has rightly requested a more thorough
analysis than usual on the infrastructure requirements for NetBeans,
as that's a much larger podling than usual, with a long history.

This analysis is ongoing, Daniel Gruno from the ASF infra team is
working on it and will report here when complete. It looks like we
don't need to reproduce all the NetBeans infrastructure, and we have
decided to consider plugins.netbeans.org for example as something to
be sorted out during incubation, with ideas expressed in the proposal
discussion thread here [1].

So I think while NetBeans infra requirements are somewhat larger than
usual, we'll find ways to accomodate them, especially given the
willingness of the NetBeans team to adapt to a new home as needed.


[1] http://s.apache.org/netbeans_proposal

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