Jochen Wiedmann wrote on 9/22/16 1:43 AM:
> On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 7:18 AM, Roman Shaposhnik <> 
> wrote:
>> Still, the question remain -- for somebody like that, what would be a 
>> criteria
>> to be added as a committer after the project enters incubation?
> Projects decision.

Exactly so.  This would be a podling just like every other podling, and
the IPMC would expect the PPMC to start operating like an Apache
project.  That is, when new people come to the podling and contribute
work, and help the work of the podling, that after a time the PPMC will
discuss them, then vote them in as new committers.

Past merit (i.e. past contributions) is a great help to a new
contributor to a project, both because it's easier to get started, and
because the community already has a feel for how they act and can help.
But it in no way IMO directly leads to current merit.  Old contributors
normally would be voted in as committers only once they actually start
doing new work on the project.

- Shane

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