+1 binding

I checked:
- name contains incubating
- signatures and hashes good
- LICENSE and NOTICE correct
- all source code has Apache headers
- no binary files in release
- can compile from source

Good to see simple build instructions in the README. A nice simple release to 
check thanks for that.

I did notice this in DEVELOPMENT.md, "The toll will write a report in case it 
finds any issue.” and first misread that as “troll” :-) I assume you mean tool?

Also just a minor branding issue you may also want to add some trademark 
attributions [1] to your incubator page [2]. I also notice a prominent button 
to github mirror without and equally prominent button/link to the actual Apache 
git repo, you may want to consider changing that.


1. http://www.apache.org/foundation/marks/faq/#attribution
2. http://s2graph.incubator.apache.org
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