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    (note mixed private/public lists)
    General questions, since... we haven't actually had any discussion yet.
    - Is there a particular hurry to bring this to pTLP faster than the
    traditional general@incubator discussion period is?

Is 2 weeks faster than the traditional general@incubator discussion? I brought 
original thread up August 2nd, the Board meeting will be August 16th, so that’s 
 2 full
weeks. I was under the impression that’s an appropriate amount of discussion 
The discussion has already led to folks from the Wicket community submitting and
getting a PR merged to upgrade Proteus [1], and to generally good will about 
the submission.
The Creadur folks and others also have discussed it [2] and I have sent them an 
email in reply.
    - Has the Apache Creadur project been consulted about the new project
    proposal, and in particular do they have any comments on using DRAT as
    the name, which subsumes their popular Rat name?

I don’t believe DRAT (which we’ve on the project also said is more like “D’oh”, 
“DRAT!” than it would be a Distributed creature or Creadur) completely subsumes
RAT at all. In fact, RAT itself is a loaded name, especially if you work in the 
community where RAT typically means Remote Access Tool (sharing two common words
with our Apache RAT, etc etc). And in CyberSec land a “RAT” is also kinda a 
“creature” because
it “infects” your computer, etc., etc., Regardless, I don’t think Apache DRAT 
completely subsumes
the name of Apache RAT at all for those reasons stated.
    - It's awesome to see ™ included in a proposal (most people forget), but
    they're mixed up.  Apache should be ® (when needed; when talking about
    individual project names it's usually not needed) and most project names
    should be ™.  So it would be either Apache® Rat™ or Apache Rat™.


    Thanks for filling out the rest of the proposal.



[1] https://github.com/chrismattmann/drat/pull/96 
[2] https://s.apache.org/sPWK 

    - Shane
    Chris Mattmann wrote on 8/10/17 1:59 AM:
    > Hi Everyone,
    > Just as an FYI I've added a resolution to establish DRAT to the agenda.
    > On item - 2 of the proposed PMC includes members without an Apache 
account. What to do in this situation? If they start only as committers, that's 
fine, but then we would create an account for them after the fact. Is this the 
desire? If so I will update the resolution and we can VOTE them in as PMC after 
the project is establish should the Board agree to do so. 
    > Thanks,
    > Chris
    > On 2017-08-02 10:35, Chris Mattmann <mattm...@apache.org> wrote: 
    >> Hi Board-Chat@,
    >> CC/Incubator@
    >> We are proposing to bring DRAT (Distributed Release Audit Tool) to the 
    >> DRAT is a parallelized version of Apache RAT that uses OODT, Solr and 
Tika to
    >> compute, visualize and interact with interesting statistics on code 
auditing as
    >> output by RAT and Tika. With DRAT you can:
    >> • Audit large code repositories (has been tested in 100s of M of lines 
    >> code, and 1000s of projects)  where RAT fails to complete – an example 
of running it across all of Apache
    >> SVN is here: http://drat.dyndns.org:8080/dratviz/ You can also see its 
    >> for a very large set of NSF funded geosciences code repositories here: 
    >> http://drat.dyndns.org:8080/dratontoviz/ 
    >> • Visualize and interact with the output from RAT and Tika in a 
dynamic fashion
    >> • Get incremental status from code auditing
    >> • Audit individual code repos and integrate the results into your 
    >> DRAT was funded by DARPA, NASA, the NSF and other government entities.
    >> We have prepared a preliminary proposal here: 
    >> We are working on flushing it out more, should be done by this weekend. 
We propose 
    >> DRAT to be a straight to TLP (pTLP). I will add a resolution into the 
Board agenda for August 2017
    >> for its consideration. I am CC’ing the Incubator so that we can 
potentially attract new contributors
    >> both seasoned and junior to the project. We also welcome any 
contributors from Creadur interested
    >> in learning more about OODT, Solr, Tika, etc. Also any Wicket gurus – 
we are using Wicket for one of
    >> DRAT’s key user interfaces, Proteus.
    >> OK, thanks!
    >> Cheers,
    >> Chris
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    - Shane

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