Hi all,

I have a little question regarding binary data in ASF repos.
I know the policy that an ASF release should not have binary files in them. The 
problem I am having is that I’m currently writing integration-tests for PLC4X. 
Most of the protocols we are implementing there are binary protocols. In order 
to test the drivers I hereby need to send binary data to the implementations in 
order to test they are functioning correctly.

Now I could define huge byte arrays in my unit-tests, or I could write them in 
form of separate files. Last option had the benefit of being able to for 
example open them with WireShark and have a look at them.

For this I would like to save the test-cases as pcapng files. However these are 
per definition: binary data.

Would it be ok to add this type of files, or do I have to add them in-line with 
my test-code as byte arrays?


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