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I think that the Incubator should adjust the proposal process when a project 
comes in that has registered trademarks.

There are a few impacts to consider some of which may need to be private.

(1) PODLINGNAMESEARCH may not be needed.

(2) The IPMC and trademarks@ should want to understand what will need to be 
transferred and what the timing of the transfer(s) will be - either during 
onboarding or at graduation. We should be clear about what happens to the 
trademark if Incubation fails either with or without a release.

(3) Existing domains are also something that should be on a proposal along with 
if these need to be continued or should be redirected. We need to be clear 
about what happens to domains if incubation fails.

(4) I think these items would add some additional sections to the podling 

This is a discussion for Incubation only. What happens to domains and 
trademarks once a project is top-level is clearly out of scope.


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