On 04/11/2018 09:58 PM, Ted Dunning wrote:

3. The mailing list is a bit dated.

Totally true.  Pony helps a bit: https://lists.apache.org/

But not all that much.

Spam shouldn't be much of a problem (it isn't on other lists that I have
been part of). Aside from self-inflicted spam like notifications, that is.

SE is definitely poor. Pony makes the list more searchable, but not as well
as a Google thing.

I think this is a matter of newness and prominence, not as much whether the pony is good or bad. I can easily google stuff on there if I search for "site:lists.apache.org fosdem 2018" and read up on fosdem topics (Google knows how to crawl it)...but there are some 20 million emails to index on a relatively new sub domain, and that's probably gonna take a while. It will very likely change and be easier in the future, but I've no idea how fast that'll happen.

Anyway, as we always say, patches welcome :). If people have improvement suggestions, we'll gladly accept them at the pony mail project. There are several major overhauls on the drawing board, but with many users and very few contributors, this moves along quite slowly.

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