Hi Lewis,
Feel sorry about HTRACE community has decided to retire. 

Already involved in discussion in dev@

My +1 no binding

Sheng Wu

From: "lewis john mcgibbney"<lewi...@apache.org>
Date: Thu, Apr 12, 2018 07:40 AM
To: "general"<general@incubator.apache.org>;
Cc: "dev"<d...@htrace.incubator.apache.org>;
Subject: [VOTE] Retire the HTrace Podling

Hi Folks,
Please excuse the error on my part, which essentially missed this important
stage of VOTE'ing on general@ for official retirement of the HTrace Podling.
However, we are here now. The VOTE will be open for a minimum of 72 hours.
The previous community VOTE [0] took place on the HTrace dev@ list with a
lot of participation. I closed this off today with the RESULT [1].
I would like to explicitly note that a subsequent parallel thread was
initiated [2] which essentially suggested HTrace staying alive as a
Subproject. Unfortunately this thread petered out... my inclination is that
this outcome is that for HTrace to become a Subproject, essentially work
would need to be done by some people... which brings us back to the initial
reason for drafting the retirement email thread in the first place e.g.
no-one has the time to work on HTrace any more.
Please DISCUSS or VOTE as below

[ ] +1 retire the HTrace podling
[ ] -1 NOT NOT retire the HTrace podling (please provide justification)

P.S. Here is my +1

[0] VOTE: https://s.apache.org/2sGB
[1] RESULT: https://s.apache.org/e22i
[2] https://s.apache.org/MlLn


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