A template paragraph of simple HTML seems ideal, and it’s reasonable to expect 
podlings to create it by the time of their first board report.

A full branding-compliant web site is a more complex undertaking, and we the 
IPMC should not try to hurry that process. The podling's interests are aligned 
with ours: they want to build a community, so they know they need a good web 
site. They can decide whether the web site happens before or after their first 

Druid is one of the podlings where this issue arose recently. They are one of 
those projects that has a vibrant existing developer and user community. We 
IPMC members ask them to quickly migrate their existing site (https://druid.io 
<https://druid.io/>) and lists (druid-u...@googlegroups.com 
<mailto:druid-u...@googlegroups.com>) and they push back. Why? Because they 
have learned the principal tenet of the Apache Way - community comes first.

As mentors I think we should facilitate the move to Apache infra, teach them 
how to comply with branding, but mainly trust them to do what is right for 
their project.


> On Apr 15, 2018, at 12:32 PM, Nick Kew <n...@apache.org> wrote:
>> This avoid unnecessary 404's for the project, and gives them some time to
>> move their infrastructure over.  Once they have their website up and
>> running (either migrated or created from scratch) then they can switch the
>> redirect to point to their actual content.
> I have a (not necessarily accurate) recollection of adding a placeholder page
> in a polling setup.  It basically said
> This is a placeholder for $podling {one-line description}.
> For more information, please see
>  * incubation proposal
>  * status page
>  * resources (lists, repos)
>  * pre-apache project page.
> I’m sure something like that could be templated for new podlings?
> — 
> Nick Kew
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