> On Aug 14, 2019, at 1:24 AM, Dave Fisher <wave4d...@comcast.net> wrote:
>>> Q: Does the IPMC want to produce non-ASF releases?
> My answer is yes! I want podlings to be on a path towards graduation! I 
> recognize multiple requirements. The path may differ for each podling. I’m 
> the end there are two outcomes!

What does it mean to be a "non-ASF release"?

To be clear: I want, when podlings do releases, that all podling members enjoy 
the legal protections inherent in doing a s/w release that all other people 
enjoy when *they* do a release. That is only possible if those releases are ASF 
releases. Heck, I would say that having protection at this stage is likely more 
important, and likely more needed, than when subversion, for example, does one.

HOWEVER, those releases are specifically noted as likely being of varying 
quality and compliance as typical ASF releases from TLP/PMCs.

So legally, they should be ASF releases. Culturally, and expectation-wise, they 
are non-typical releases.

Again, the Incubator is, or at least should be, a safe space where communities 
can learn about the Apache Way, and how to build communities and how to develop 
software and how to do releases... All of that stuff is inherently risky. 
That's what the Incubator is also there to do: assume that risk so that 
podlings can learn to the point where they can assume their own risk. This does 
not mean, however, that the Incubator should be constantly getting in the way 
of podlings, using risk-abatement as the reason for gatekeeping.

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