Hello IPMC and Apache DataSketches Community,

1. This is a call for vote to release Apache DataSketches-hive version:

    NOTE 1: This is the Java Hive adaptor component of the DataSketches
library that enables Apache Hive access to the key sketch algorithms in
production-ready packages: Sketches Included: CPC, FrequentItems, HLL, KLL,
Quantiles, Theta and Tuple.

  A. Results from the PPMC vote:

     - 2 (+1 binding) vote, 2 (+1 non-binding) votes

     - The vote thread can be found at the Permalink:


  B. Testing/actions/votes performed by the voters in the PPMC Stage 1:

    - Alexander Saydakov (+1 non-binding)
      - gpg signature
      - shasum
      - mvn test
      - mvn install
      - copied resulting .jar to a Hive cluster (with datasketches-java
1.3.0) and run a few example scripts (available on the web site)

    - Jon Malkin (+1 non-binding)
      I checked:
      - signature and checksum
      - mvn test and mvn package both work properly
      - no extra binaries or other unexpected files
      - incubating in name
      - LICENSE and NOTICE present, although I don't know enough to
validate content

    - Furkan Kamachi (+1 binding)
      I checked:
      - Incubating in name
      - DISCLAIMER-WIP exists
      - LICENSE and NOTICE are fine
      - No unexpected binary files
      - Checked PGP signatures
      - Checked Checksums
      - Code compiles and tests successfully run
      - Apache rat checks are OK

    - Evans Ye  (+1 binding)
      - gpg signature
      - sha512 sum
      - maven tests
      - disclaimer, notice, licence look good

2. Source repository:
    - https://github.com/apache/incubator-datasketches-hive

    Git Tag for this release:

    Git HashId for this release starts with: 22bfbc2

3. The Release Candidate / Zip Repository:

    The public signing key can be found in the KEYS file:
    - https://dist.apache.org/repos/dist/dev/incubator/datasketches/KEYS

    The artifacts have been signed with --keyid-format SHORT : 8CD4A902

4. Repository: Maven Central [Nexus](http://repository.apache.org) (Jar

5. Build & Test Guide:

6. This is the 2nd stage vote:
   - This voting process will remain open for at least 72 hours
     and until at least 3 (+1) IPMC votes or a majority of (+1) are

Please vote accordingly:

    [ ] +1 approve
    [ ] +0 no opinion
    [ ] -1 disapprove with the reason

Lee Rhodes

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