> I have a question regarding the nature of the document and the vote. I see
> that the title for this document is "Distribution Guidelines". Do you
> intend to have this document considered as a distribution policy?

Yes it’s policy but podlings can ask for exceptions or come up with their own 
ways of distributing releases that also follow ASF policy.

> If so, why isn't the existing Apache policies regarding distribution 
> sufficient so
> that the incubator needs to impose additional distribution policy that
> top-level projects are not subject to?

It doesn’t impose anything more than current ASF policy, it just clarifies a 
few things and puts them in context. Currently distribution policy is missing 
context of other platforms that software is now distributed on. I have just 
asked for some clarification on that. All TLP should be doing similar things to 
what is mentioned here, with the exception of the incubator disclaimer. See may 
of come up with other ways to comply with ASF policy.

> If the document is not intended as a policy, but as a guide for podlings

All ASF policies are guidelines. If you want to do something differently than 
what is in a policy ask the incubator or board.

> In addition, I was hoping to find past discussions on this draft document.
> Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any on this list with the document
> link.

This has been discussed before and input from legal and others were taken into 
consideration. I’ll see if I can find those conversations for you.

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