Hi Justin,

The name on Pipy could be  https://pypi.org/project/apache-<project> to
keep consistent with other platforms.

The name on NPM has the same issue.

Xiangdong Huang
School of Software, Tsinghua University

清华大学 软件学院

Justin Mclean <jus...@classsoftware.com> 于2020年6月28日周日 下午2:31写道:

> Hi,
> > I have a question regarding the nature of the document and the vote. I
> see
> > that the title for this document is "Distribution Guidelines". Do you
> > intend to have this document considered as a distribution policy?
> Yes it’s policy but podlings can ask for exceptions or come up with their
> own ways of distributing releases that also follow ASF policy.
> > If so, why isn't the existing Apache policies regarding distribution
> sufficient so
> > that the incubator needs to impose additional distribution policy that
> > top-level projects are not subject to?
> It doesn’t impose anything more than current ASF policy, it just clarifies
> a few things and puts them in context. Currently distribution policy is
> missing context of other platforms that software is now distributed on. I
> have just asked for some clarification on that. All TLP should be doing
> similar things to what is mentioned here, with the exception of the
> incubator disclaimer. See may of come up with other ways to comply with ASF
> policy.
> > If the document is not intended as a policy, but as a guide for podlings
> All ASF policies are guidelines. If you want to do something differently
> than what is in a policy ask the incubator or board.
> > In addition, I was hoping to find past discussions on this draft
> document.
> > Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any on this list with the document
> > link.
> This has been discussed before and input from legal and others were taken
> into consideration. I’ll see if I can find those conversations for you.
> Thanks,
> Justin
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