> These two dependencies are designed and implemented specifically for Apache
> and will always keep the Apache 2.0 license for Apache APISIX.
> At the same time, we don't want just use these two dependencies instead of
> Apache APISIX as a whole,
> so we've set up a dual licenses.
> For Apache APISIX, I don't think there is a license issue because both are
> the Apache 2.0 license.
> If I'm wrong, please correct me and we can fix it.

My concern is that with other Apache licensed projects anyone  can take that 
code and re-use it in their own project. Now these are dependancies but if 
someone took part of APISIX and reused in their own project (so it’s no longer 
APISIX) with these some dependancies does this license allow them to do that?

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