Peter Donald wrote:
> Gonna have to disagree. You do whats best when there is no
> significant advantage of doing it otherways. Standardizing
> on a crap standard because someone decrees it a standard is
> near lunacy.

I'm 180 off of this position.

If there IS a significant advantage to doing it otherways, feel free to do
so.  Live and let live.  Standards be damned.

If there is NOT a significant advantage to doing it otherways, lets see if
we can do it a common way.  I'd like to get to the point where people who
work on one code base can pick up another code base without investing a lot
of time in learning a new build process.

Mostly what I am in favor of, however, is not standardizing anything in
this area - instead what I think the focus should be on is on documenting a
set of "best practices".  It is clear that there are a number of
subprojects actively interested in improving their build processes.

If we end up with nothing else, at least there will be some documentation
produced on an area that I fear is still black magic and voodoo to many...

- Sam Ruby

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