I was never clear on the date/time, and we never got a quorum, so lets try

Below is the proposed agenda (only change is to add an entry scheduling the
next meeting).

For reference, 1900 GMT is:
   California:  Monday  at 11 a.m.
   New York:    Monday  at  2 p.m.
   Spain/Zurich:     Monday  at  8 p.m.
   Melbourne:   Tuesday at  6 a.m.


1. Welcoming of new members:
     Peter Donald
     Diane Holt
     Ted Husted
     Ceki Gülcü
     Geir Magnusson Jr.
     Daniel F. Savarese
     Jason van Zyl

2. Old Business:

   2.1     Sam: revise the scope of Jakarta

   2.2     Sam: formalization of the subproject hierarcy.

   2.3     Unassigned: reformat the rules for revolutionaries document from
     an email to a bylaw

   2.4     James: Clarify the voting rules (specifically vetos): give some
     examples and updating the document on the web site and proposing to

   2.5     James: put out a clear and separate e-mail to the tomcat mailing
     lists indicating what the criteria is for a release plan.

   2.6     Unassigned: Proposal for cvs layout

   2.7     James: review the bylaws.

3. New Business:

   3.1     Commons proposal

   3.2     PMC Member election process

4. Subproject status
     Note: in the long term, the way I would like to address item 3.2 above
     is to assign PMC representatives to monitor each subproject, and would
     like to give each an opportunity to discuss issues, status, and
     progress here.  What I am looking for is major events like the recent
     Ant 1.3 release, upcoming Velocity release and outlook for releases
     like Tomcat 4.1.  Without formal assignments, I'm simply expecting
     everybody to bring what they know.

5. Other changes in status of PMC members

6. Selecting a time for the next meeting

- Sam Ruby

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