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Hard to tell where we're going when we don't know where we've been.

Here's all I got:

Pier to Jon - Thu, 21 Dec 2000
> We've traveled a long
> way together, from my very first steps in open-source land in January 1998,
> to our marvelous meeting at the first ApacheCON in October 1998, the Jakarta
> room meeting, all JavaONEs, and all we did together to bring this project
> where it is right now.

Pier again, same day 
> And we, as the newly formed Apache Software Foundation, accepted that code
> in donation as a point of start for the Jakarta Project. I was there, in
> that meeting room, that day when we outlined how the process would have
> evolved, with Jon, Stefano and Brian. And I was there, on stage at JavaONE,
> when Patricia Sueltz announced the spinoff of the project againg with Jon,
> Stefano and Brian. If that has been a wrong decision, we four are the people
> to blame...

Sam, last Thursday
> Let me relate a little tale about how this whole project got started.  Once
> upon a time there was a project named Tomcat.  Pretty much off of the
> committers were from a three letter company on the left coast.  They knew
> each other pretty well, and talked often.  The way they made decisions were
> to schedule a conference room, invite all of the relevant parties and have
> a meeting.  The 3.0 release plan was done this way.  Since the project was
> technically "open source" they presented their results as a fait accompli
> to the mailing list.  A few months later, they realized that each of them
> had vacation plans and so they decided to cut the release 3.0.
> Suffice it to say, this was not received well.  There was a length thread
> started by Jason Hunter with the subject line of "I've been sideswiped", or
> some such.  Shortly thereafer, I became the Tomcat 3.1 release lead, put a
> stop to this nonsense, and a few months later was a PMC member, Apache
> member, and now PMC chair.
> Lessons to be learned by all of this:
>    1) binding decisions should not be made offline.  Votes should be made
>    in public.
>    2) colluding offline and then voting as a block will invite in a
>    backlash

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