After some thinking, I'm going to accept the nomination, even
if I don't quite believe jakarta needs 'management', 'committee' or
any other function besides 'jakarta commiter'.

My Apache background:

I've used Apache, linux, java servlets since the beginning ( or close
enough ). I've learned that code is easy to write and doesn't
matter that much - but solving problems, learning from others and
getting involved.

I've worked on tomcat, moving code around and trying to improve
on what other people have done. Also some of the first
ant tasks ( including the <property> that everyone hates ),
and many flame wars.

Overall, the high point for me on jakarta was not seeing tomcat
released ( and used ), but getting other people to join and
working with  some amazing people, and seeing  code like tomcat
or ant 'live' and evolve, regardless of the code authors beeing
around or not. Just compare the first version of ant or tomcat3.0
with the current versions, and compare the list of commiters then
with today - and you'll see what I mean.


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