Why not start it yourself and anyone can suggest changes.

On the other hand, why not start it myself. Something like this:

1.- Introduction
  Who we are, why are we doing this.

2.- Project proposal
  Proposal stage, committers needed, community.

3.- Code organization and repositories
  Naming of packages, repositories, what to find in them.
  Who touches what.

4.- Code quality
  Add copyright notice, add authors.
  Format your code but not others'.

4.- Build system
  Use Ant, use Ant, use Ant.
  Use Gump.
  Use Scarab.

5.- Dependencies
  What jar's to use and what to avoid.

6.- Documentation
  Where to look for it.
  What to expect, what not to expect.

7.- Support
  Whom you should ask, what you should figure out yourself.

8.- Licensing and guarantee
  Why you should use Apache license, and what's wrong with other licenses.
  What you can do with Apache products. Giving credit.
  All that implied warranty things.

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> Jon,
> Give us a TOC for what you think might be a good starting point.
> >That said, I will do my best to support someone who wants to 
> create a manual
> >like that. If you hang around here and watch what happens 
> and how people do
> >things and start to document it. Then I promise to review it 
> and comment on
> >it.
> >
> - Paul
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