As most of you propably know Covalents offices ( are
right on the corner - a block or so from the Moscone center. (Our current
offices are less than a block - the new ones about a 1/2 square root of a

Hereby an offer to use our 'big' meeting room for a day.

Including whiteboards, etternet-hubs, wireless, telcon/phone, coffee,
thee, softdrinks &c for one day (take your pick; tentative suggestion:
that Tuesday).

If we have a solid count and an RSVP then we'll be happy to throw in a
lunch served 'while you work; if so desired or beer & pizza afterwards if
that works out better.

Just let me or Costin know before the middle of this month (say the 15th)
if you need that room, for how long, and what day(s). We'll act as your
hosts/contacts and confirm it on the list when all is set.

Costin and Dw.

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