If a group were zealously opensource, a group Could publically boycott the
JavaOne, hold a "countersession" called "JakartaOne" at a bar or club and a
certain club owner might make a killing in selling inebriation to geeks and
make a very public spit in a certain corporations eye.

Hypothetically of course.  It would certainly make for interesting press..

Moot for me because of my limited wealth.


>On Mon, 04 Mar 2002 19:20:48  0000 Pier Fumagalli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>"Jon Scott Stevens" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I would love to host JakartaOne at Studio Z. I think it would be a lot of
>> fun.
>>   For free. *
>> However, I do need to know the day/time/length of the event as well as
>> other things will be needed (chairs/tables/whatever). Unless some people
>> here volunteers, I can look into getting some great local
>> techno/house/trance/ambient DJ's to spin music.
>> We do have a DSL line into the space as well as ethernet drops literally
>> every five feet (the space was a .bomb before we moved in) and I will
>> an open 802.11b network available in the next week or so (as soon as the
>> Linksys is delivered). Bring your laptops. :-)
>> Studio Z is not walking distance from Moscone, however, it is only about
a 5
>> minute, $4-5 taxi ride. Not a big deal.
>> * The only requirement is that the date/times not conflict with any other
>> events that we are putting on there.
>> The Covalent deal also sounds cool, but I doubt they have a large dance
>> floor and a big sound system. :-)
>And I can vouch for him... The space is _fantastic_... Been there, seen
>that, wanna get back! :) Go JON! :)
>    Pier (for free? Where's that nice scottish spirit of yours! :)
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