Due to a perceived lack of interest, I believe we must cancel JakartaOne
this year, unless people step up to help make this happen.

We should make sure that when this happens, it is an unqualified success.  I
feel responsible for this ending like this, but my time constraints this
month are such that I am greatly overextended, and naively assumed a
different volunteer response.  Jon, of course, has since explained the
errors of my ways :)

I received very enthusiastic support from some people who were excited about
the idea, and want to thank all that showed support and took the time to
submit suggestions for talks.  They were great, and I hope that they can do
the talk somewhere, sometime - useful stuff.  But all in all, I got about 16
replies privately, plus a few publicly, and that doesn't warrant the risk of
setting things up in StudioZ (is the .tv required here? :)

So I would like to go back out on the limb and suggest that we choose a nice
restaurant/bar somewhere reasonably accessible to the JavaOne attendees and
all meet there one evening to meet each other.

If someone with local knowledge would suggest a place, that would be great.


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