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> Enviado el: sábado 25 de mayo de 2002 19:52

> If commit numbers are not so important (and I agree), what is 
> the way that
> this community has to decide whether a person is a committer 
> or not, given
> that as it is today, you're not recognized as a member of 
> this community if
> you don't have a CVS account, and your name is not listed in 
> $CVSROOT/avail
>     Pier

I Disagree completely..

Mail archives prove you wrong, althought many of the more vocal people
here are committers, nothing blocks anyone to give his opinion and his
vote,more this same thread proves you wrong too,  i can remember someone
someone was proposed last time as PMC member without being a committer..

I'm not the oldest here, 2'5 years, and my contributions are not bigger,
but all i can say from the history i know, that you are simply suffering
some kind of father syndrome, like those fathers that, when his children
grow up, doent want to loose the control they have over his lifes.

Your children is starting to be teenager, and hence dont feels his
father is so important or has the reason everytime, nor that is the
better and in addition is a little castrating as every father..  Well
time will get you to the right place.., now your children is walking on
the avenue ( making a girlfriend!!! :) and sometimes in the future, you
will get a friendship with him and he will learn to respect you..

Saludos ,
Ignacio J. Ortega

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